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November is National Novel Writing Month, my challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

Day 30: And Then NaNoWriMo Was Over.

Saturday, Nov. 30 (or Sunday, Dec. 1, but who’s counting?)


Well, I did it (patting myself on the back), and to begin celebrating I did absolutely nothing. I mean, sure I changed my Facebook banner to “NaNoWriMo Winner”, and bragged about the success of it all. But really, it was so nice to call it “done” (even though you and I BOTH know that it is FAR from “done”, if it EVER even achieves the status of being “done” enough to be viewed by the outside world). I didn’t blog. I didn’t eat cake. Or even drink champagne. I fell asleep on the couch maybe fifteen minutes after getting the kids to  bed.

So, how does it feel to be a “WINNER”? Pretty darn good, actually (until Facebook friends get TOO excited about your status update of “NaNoWriMo Winner” and think that you, like, wrote the best novel out of ALL the other people writing novels this month and you don’t want to correct them but feel obligated (after half a day or so goes by) and let them know you are a “Winner” because you finished, which is still a hefty accomplishment but not, like, as good as they assumed, you know?). 2013-Winner-Facebook-Cover

Do I think my novel is amazing? Meh. But I think it has the potential to be there if I keep at it. Maybe. Hopefully. It was entertaining for me, at least. And they say, write for yourself not for your audience. So…there (sticking my tongue out because I’m real mature like that).

Okay. So there. That’s it? Feeling relieved that it’s done, but also a little deflated. The excitement. The uncertainty. Would I or wouldn’t I finish? It’s all over. Kids go back to school tomorrow. Life goes on.

Except for my characters. They are stuck in the last moment of the first-draft novel wondering if their Creator will come back someday and bring them back to life. Wondering, is this it? Really? Or is She going to come back and change things around? Some might even be wondering, What is my purpose? Is she going to just cut me completely out of existence? Um, yes to both I’m sure.

Even if I feel like it’s impossible to find the time to work on my writing, completing this NaNoWriMo challenge proves to myself that I can do it, if I really want to. If I make the choice to sit and do something (like write!), I will do it. Of course, this also means there are sacrifices to be made and obsessive behaviors to either let go or adopt (as in let go of the idea of a clean house, and adopting the habit of writing as much (or little) as often as physically possible).day 30

And maybe sprinting is okay in writing. Sure, there should be some regular writing habits (i.e. this blog?), but it’s also okay to just give yourself a deadline and work towards a writing goal in an obsessive sprint to the finish. And then take a little breather.

But the funny thing is, I don’t want a breather. Now it’s like I’m addicted to writing again. And I am ready to jump in and give the manuscript a decent once-over and coordinating to-do list of how to make it better. And in the meantime, without the pressure to write the novel every free second, I can go back to some poetry revisions and submissions.  My poetry manuscript is active again, after rejection from a chapbook contest, and since they wouldn’t allow simultaneous submissions I’d put all those poems on hold. Now, maybe they will find homes while I let my novel breathe (after I obsessively go over it at least once!).

What will my next challenges be? Learning “Flowers in December”, by Mazzy Star, on acoustic guitar? Breaking out the pencils and paper (and typewriter and paints and glue and photography) to do some long-put-aside art projects…mixed media anyone (oh I’ve always wanted to do this!)? Let you know after I take a breather (or obsessively revise my novel for the next couple of weeks, wink wink)…

Day 29: A Novel Story.

Friday, Nov. 29

Once upon a time, there was a girl who wanted to write a novel, so she signed up for this thing called NaNoWriMo, where people from all over come together to support each other’s efforts to not just write a novel, but to write one in 30 days. She took to writing. Making slow, but steady progress.

And then, all of a sudden…there was ONE DAY LEFT!

And this writer (or wannabe) is blogging instead of writing her novel.

baby novelThe novel crawls out from under the couch.

The mean, overly tired writer just sits at her computer. Sipping coffee (really bad coffee because this stupid writer forgot to fill the water reserve in the coffee maker all the way before brewing). Checking Facebook updates (gratuitous pics of food and family). And searching the internet tirelessly for Monster High ornaments that are either sold out everywhere or available on Amazon and Ebay for basically five times the retail price (sigh).“Help me!” the novel says.

“Help me!” the novel says again, trying to crawl over to it’s writer.

“Go away!” the writer shouts. Sipping crappy coffee.

baby novel 2

“But please, you need to finish me…you only have one more day. And you still have 5,616 words to go. Don’t give up now.”

“Bah! I don’t know how to finish you.” The writer looks down, refusing to make eye contact with the novel.

The writer can’t admit that, deep down inside, she doesn’t want to finish the novel. She knows she will miss it when it’s done. Even if she will spend the next several years re-reading it, revising it, cutting and adding scenes. She knows the thrill of the shitty first draft will be over. If she finishes it now.

“Please, mama,” the novel begs, now at her feet as she sits at her desk, typing on the very thing that she used to create this little novel.

And because this writer is a mom, she takes pity on the pathetic little thing lying at her feet, groveling for attention. She pets it’s bald little head, looks at it with sympathetic eyes, considers wrapping it up in a blankie and putting it down for a nap. But then the novel starts screaming. Crying so loud that snot runs down it’s sad little type-face.

“Ohhhh,” the writer says, feeling bad, but unable to tear herself away from the evil internet, full of distractions and pulling her from this living, breathing novel, away from the reality that if she doesn’t finish this thing, no one will.

baby novel 3“Okay little guy, get up here,” she says, pulling the novel onto her lap.

“Yay!” the novel squeals, waving it’s paper-thin little arms up in the air with glee.

The writer, novel in lap, begins typing away. Only time will tell if she’s able to fulfill her destiny and help this novel to live happily ever after…

Stay tuned for updates from the future!

In the meantime, your guess is as good as mine…will she FINISH in time? (And spoiler alert: probably won’t end with a good ol’ Happily Ever After, sorry!)

day 29

Day 27: Don’t Think, Just Write (and Raise the Roof!).

Wednesday, Nov. 27

42,626…that means only 7,374 more words to go! But, tomorrow is a holiday. Friday is a writing day. Saturday is the last day of this challenge (and I’m supposed to take the kiddos on the Santa Train! Why did I buy those damn tickets on the last day of NaNoWriMo? Didn’t I anticipate my procrastination would lead me to NEED that WHOLE day to finish?!?).

But I am making progress. I mean, if you consider word count progress. I don’t know about the quality of those words…but apparently I’m not supposed to think (or is it over-think?) about what I’m writing. I’m just supposed to do it. You know, write.

I just want to cry…wahhhhh! What are my characters supposed to do NOW? I already killed one (oops! Delayed spoiler alert!). Now what? I guess I have to decide if my protag will accomplish her goal. But what was her goal? Is it bad if I forgot? JK. Or not. Don’t judge. Hey, at least I’m writing!

And while I’m not blogging as often here at the end, I’m seeking solace in Starbucks. Table stalking people until they leave so I can have a table all to myself. Where I can glue my butt to the chair and force myself to write because there is no one here that needs me to change their diaper, feed them, resolve disputes over who hit who first, and no laundry anywhere in sight. Huzzah! (I say this because I’m a little delirious and that’s what they told us to say at the Princess theater in Disneyland when we saw a short musical rendition of Beauty and the Beast. Don’t ask me why I felt it was appropriate to use here. I have no other excuse.)

Okay, this should count as a blog post. So now, back to writing. Only 7,374 more words to go (did I mention that already?). Not that I’m counting, or updating my word count obsessively to the NaNo site. Who, me? Oh. You saw me do it? Okay. Well, you win. I’m obsessively updating my word count to track my progress! And while we’re talking (writing) word count, can I apply my blog posts to that word count?

No? Shit (sorry Mom, you know I can’t help myself sometimes).

Then I’m definitely done blogging for today! Back to work (and by that I mean writing really crappy dialogue and avoiding my character’s real dilemmas).

Update: I persisted. I wrote. I reached 44,384. I brought all (okay, the majority) of conflicting characters together to hash it out. And now, it’s quitting time. Huzzah! (And yes, I do realize that I’m a dork. Thank you.) By the way, this means that now I only have 5,616 words left to write. I. Can. Do. This. I mean, look, my word count is finally touching the little line it’s supposed to be at! Woo hoo (raising the roof with hands, because, yes, that’s what dorks like me do when we’re excited)!day 27

Day 24: Cleaning the Bathroom and Other Symptoms of “Writer-itis”.

Sunday, Nov. 24

Okay, okay, I should be writing, I just need to get my bitchies out. I mean, I’d love to go on here and brag how I’ve already finished NaNoWriMo, but honestly, if it weren’t for blogging about this, I might not even TRY to finish. Because at this point, I’m tired. And I’m running out of words. Creative ideas. Any ideas!

And you know you’ve got a bad case of Writer-itis (okay, fine, I just made that up), when you wake up and start bleaching the shower, scrubbing the sink, and wiping down mirrors. Yes, it was one of those “I will do ANYTHING but write” kind of mornings. And then, while simultaneously bitching and cleaning, I had to eventually reflect on why I was so bitchy (and why all of a sudden I couldn’t stand the crap building up in the shower, or the water spots on the mirror, or the foul egg smell emanating from my sink when I brush my teeth. Yuck.). I mean, it bothers me daily, but TODAY I decided to take action.

And in turn, bitch out everyone who was NOT cleaning, and really, it’s not like I was THAT mad at them, I’m mad at myself. You know when you just don’t feel like you can do it all? So, if there’s Super Woman (who DOES it all), who would be the antithesis of her? Well, me?

Super Woman
Super Woman (Photo credit: anitasarkeesian)

I have to do laundry (folding too!), catch up on my writing, feed my family (and to do this I need to go grocery shopping, if only picking up milk and a bunch of other stuff I won’t cook), prepare for Thanksgiving (which, even though it’s not at my house, I still feel overwhelmed cooking anything and bringing, does that make me super lazy? I usually love to cook, but this year I feel very bleh about it all). I’m not a Grinch, I swear, and I am ALMOST done with the bulk of my Christmas shopping, but I still feel the need to check sales and see what I need to do to finish on time (it’s a race, you know! Oh, you didn’t know? Well it is!).

And then there’s work. Yes, like real work, that pays. It’s GREAT to be able to work from home. NOT so great to feel like you are ALWAYS working. And a baby—no make that a monster (okay, a really cute monster)—who is getting into EVERY kitchen cupboard, pulling every power cord, opening drawers, putting everything in her mouth, finding her (very loud, high-pitched) voice.

This UN-Super Woman is T-I-R-E-D. Pooped.

But alas! There are words to be written. And I’m at the point where I just want to write “All work and no play makes Aimee a dull girl” over and over again until I reach 50,000 words. But, that’s cheating. And like they tell you in school, “You’re only cheating yourself.” Oh shut up (who, me?). Yep, I’m losing it, way off the deep end, yet again.

But here’s the blog post. Next order of business is ACTUALLY writing the novel. And then, after Nov. 30, I can organize the socks, put away said unfolded laundry, and oh yea! Put up the friggin’ Christmas tree (which I usually LOVE) so my monster (you know, the short fat kid who crawls around the house yelling at me and eating crap off the floor that I can’t even see unless I put my glasses on) can pull it down, ornaments and all, and then it will be just ONE more thing for me to clean up. Yay! Merry Happy Holiday, people (or in other words…bah humbug!)!

Bah! Humbug!
Bah! Humbug! (Photo credit: SFU Public Affairs and Media Relations)

Day 21: Word Vomit.

Thursday, Nov. 21

I shouldn’t even be blogging because I am so behind on writing. Yes, my high from vomiting out over 3,000 words the other day is now followed by a low point of missing an entire day of writing and the realization that there are only 9 days left to meet my goal of 50,000 words. All the “I can do it”s are feeling cheap and inauthentic.

I can’t do it.

No matter how hard I try to fit in my writing, it just seems like there are other things that need to be done. And none of them are even getting done. Just a little bit of everything, which leaves me feeling like I don’t complete anything! Argghhh (and no, not the pirate kind of argh, the foaming at the mouth, rabid dog, frustrated writer kind of argh).

So maybe I’ll keep this post short and sweet (or short and crappy aka half-ass). I’m tired. I need to write. But I also need sanity. Which means from time to time (which means once in a blue moon) I need to just stop and do nothing. Just. Do. Nothing. Or sleep. Yea, sleep is good too.

Sometimes when you try to do too much, what you really need to do is just stop. Just. Stop. And take a break.

PS: I did manage to word-vomit 2,719 words today, which is not unimpressive. However, it’s not quite halfway there yet. And sometimes I’m afraid to write because I just don’t know what to say and I wonder if any of it (ANY of it) is any good at all. But then I think, that’s what revision is for. And I try to just push through and force something to happen. And then the next time I write I wonder, now what? And then? And finally, that is all.

day 21

Day 19: NaNo Land.

Tuesday, Nov. 19

3,452 words written today! Hooray! While my running total is still below where I should be in my writing progress (21,677), I am happy to have passed the 20,000 word mark and feel confident (okay, that’s a lie, I’m still kind of freaking out!) that I can make it to 30,000 by the end of the week. And then, that 50,000 word finish line!nanowrimo day 19

What’s new in NaNo land? Well, my characters are still talking more than my narrator is describing, but I’m making a conscious effort to put in more details. I’m using my trusty (and fairly blank) notepad to lay out some plot options of where to go next. Dead people are coming back to life (or maybe they weren’t really dead to begin with?), and love triangles continue to tangle and complicate.

A big event is impending (why does this sound so awkward?), and I have some thoughts on what to do to make this event a real disaster (but in a good way). Trying to create a ticking clock leading up to this disaster, but it will inevitably happen by the end of this week, as I near that 30,000 word mark. Besides, what else do I have to write about? I need this disaster. My characters need it. My would-be readers need it.

So, what’s been getting in the way? My character has secrets. But who can she confide in? How does a writer deal with characters with secrets? When is it time to reveal? And who does she tell? How does it progress the plot and affect the status-quo of the world I’ve created? What about all these secondary characters (or would they be tertiary?)? Why mention them if they aren’t important? Do I need to go back to Claire or Logan, or whoever I said was working alongside my main character?

So many questions, but not enough time to overthink things. That’s what revisions (and revisions and revisions) are for, right?

As much as I’d like to know where exactly I’m going and what each scene means to the overall story, I am trying super duper (duper) hard to just write. Don’t think, just write (that’s me talking to myself, err writing to myself). Is that strategy good? I don’t know, but it’s a matter of survival at this point. If I think too much, I will (most certainly) never finish this @#$%ing challenge! But then, how good is a novel going to be when the author doesn’t think enough about it’s characters’ consequences and is rushed to finish? (Although it also could be argued that how good is any first draft whether written in a month or a year or years?)

But for now, I will relish in the victory of passing the 20,000 word mark, of not giving up, and making time to keep writing. In celebration I will go pick up some fried chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner, because in November (okay, and every other month) this writer/mom/wife must choose to either write or cook, and since I’m writing right now, cooking is off the table tonight.

Update: This writer is so exhausted (thank you decaf coffee at Starbucks, and yes this was intentional because caffeine makes me crazy), that when I pulled into said Fried Chicken drive-thru, I was amazed and perplexed at why this Fried Chicken “restaurant” started serving a whole menu of hamburgers. Whhhaaat??? Yea. That’s right. I drove through Dairy Queen by accident. Fortunately, no one was behind me in the drive-thru (because, seriously, do people really eat dinner at Dairy Queen?) so I could (carefully, as in <1 mph) back up and go to the correct drive-thru.

Day 1: Out of Focus: Baking, Blogging, and Avoiding the Novel.

Saturday, Nov. 16

Soccer season is now officially over! Hooray! And now I’m free to finish NaNoWriMo, right? Well, not exactly. At least not this weekend. I’ll have to plan a self-imposed write-in next weekend so I can catch up. In the meantime, here’s where I stand with my progress so far:

18,225 words. Which means: I’m behind, but not impossibly behind. I can still catch up and finish this thing, even if it kills me (which at this point I’m almost counting on it killing me!). And so what do I do when I’m stressed about my word count?


Procrastinate by baking and blogging.

Cookies, check! Pumpkin muffins, check! Homemade rolls, check! Word count, uh oh (insert sad emoji here). Blog? Working on it. Hoping to post on actual day of writing it (fingers crossed).

But what is my fear about sitting and writing my novel? I’m afraid it’s not cohesive (and by “it” I mean the novel, the trajectory, the journey, my thoughts). I’ve had terrible ADD this time around (last year I did NaNoWriMo for the first time and finished early!). Maybe I can blame it on my new status of mom-of-three. Maybe my story is not very interesting. Maybe it’s because I don’t have an outline. Maybe it’s that I’m not consistent with writing it so I fall out of the story and it’s hard to get back in, and then I’m so anxious to just write that I just start writing even if I don’t know where it’s going.

One thing that’s set this experience apart from previous novels, I’m writing a lot of dialogue. Like, mostly dialogue. Is this good or bad? I don’t know. It’s different. In other writing ventures, I have been so shy of making my characters talk, and then I force them to talk in later revisions. But this time around, all they are doing is talking and I need to fill in the scenery and the actions and the emotions of it all to frame the dialogue. It’s not a play, after all (or is it?).

I have notes on my trusty old notepad (which I tend to ignore, but they’re there, mind you!). And those sketch out some of the possibilities of where this thing (this beast, this anvil, this anchor, this creation of mine)is going. But I still feel a little (or a lot) lost when I try to sit down and write.

One problem? I am soooooo unfocused (and this is both literal and figurative).


I need a new prescription for my reading glasses (thank you 30s and thank you three kids who’ve apparently ruined their mom’s vision). And I just don’t know where this story is really going. And I worry that it’s just standing still. People are just talking about work and life and everyday problems and not DOING enough.

A mysterious phone call. A strange, supernatural/paranormal ability. And more…(don’t ask me what, I’m still figuring it out!).Okay, one house was set afire. Some complicated love triangles (or squares, or hexagons, or something like that…okay, everybody is in love with everybody…maybe). But what’s next? What does fate have in store for these troubled people?

Day 14: Oh Poop! Halfway Through NaNoWriMo…

Thursday, Nov. 14

And then, all of a sudden, NaNoWriMo is halfway over! Oh @#$%!

I made better progress yesterday, upping my word count to 16,304 by adding 2,024 words in one day. Yes, one day. Now if only I can make that happen EVERY day, I will be set! Trophy in hand (metaphorically).

But instead of working on my novel, I’m blogging about working (or not working) on my novel. And while yes, I do LOVE blogging, I feel torn at times about what to focus on. But rather than decide, I just stretch myself like Stretch Armstrong (come on, you know who I’m talking about) and try to do it all. Is this a blessing or a curse? I sometimes think if I could just focus on ONE thing, I would totally rock at it, and be the best most amazing person at that ONE thing.

But who really does that? And by focusing on only ONE thing, what would I be losing? Well, besides custody of my children because well, kids need attention. Lots and lots. And then there’s me. I need to give myself attention too. And not the fun kind like that which writing provides, but the general maintenance kind. As in showering, eating, sleeping, pooping. Wait, no. I never poop. Seriously. I’m a girl. Girls don’t do that.

Okay, maybe I had my little brother fooled into believing that until age (way too old to still believe that). And yes, I probably shouldn’t mention it because now you all have a gross mental picture of me pooping. But, truth is, I’m a mom. And so much of my life does revolve around poop and therefore conversations about poop. Usually not my own, no I’m way too proper and mature for that (wink wink), but the baby’s!

And now, inadvertently, this blog post will be tagged with “poop”. What is wrong with me?

Oh yea, I’m a mom. And a writer. So I’m in double trouble in the weird zone (no offense to fellow moms and/or writers).

So what the Hell was I even writing about before I got side-tracked with poop? Oh yea, multi-tasking. And focusing. Ha ha. Yea, I guess maybe I should learn to focus more on individual tasks. And then I could check them off my to-do list (yes I have one of those, or actually many of those, buried under the mess on my desk somewhere).messy desk

Which brings me to another point: should I clean my desk? What? You agree that I don’t have time for that? Okay good. I’ll just keep writing then. And I know that since I muscled out 2,000+ words yesterday, I can totally do it today! I can do it. I can do it. Okay, pep talk over. Mirror put away.

And so, with NaNoWriMo nearly half-way over, I have definitely gotten loopier and more desperate for writing time and more delirious from the pressure to keep writing, and by that I mean forcing my characters to do stuff even when they just want to go to bed (and by “they” I mean “I”).

But never fear! I will win this thing! This @#$%^& novel will be completed by midnight of November 30. Oh you just wait and see. Because, really, that’s all you can do. I’m the one who has to keep doing the heavy lifting (and by that I mean obsessive compulsive typing).

Day 12: NaBloPoMo???

Tuesday, Nov. 12

Yes, I recently discovered this whole other world that I already existed in, I just didn’t know there was a name for it. NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. What? That’s freakin’ awesome! And so, when the sullen writer curls up in her corner to write, as if she’s the only one in the world who feels this nagging compulsion to do so, and simultaneously feels that heavy self-doubt inflicting her motivation…she can turn to Twitter and accidentally discover that SHE’S NOT ALONE! (And by SHE I mean ME.)

Yes, taking on this dual challenge is, well, a challenge! But I’m loving it. I think it’s true what good old mom said when I was little (okay, she’s not old but she’s good) about the harder you work at something the more rewarding it is. Because writing is hard. But rewarding. Yes, even if nobody follows your blog (which I am so surprised and stoked each time I get an email that I have a new follower or someone leaves me a comment or someone favorites my post…it’s seriously the greatest feeling ever! Like that feeling when you get a package from Amazon at your door and you rip it open and it’s like a mini-Christmas! So, thank you peeps for all the follows! and helping me curb my need for ordering stuff on Amazon just so I get that euphoric feeling!) and you receive rejection after rejection of your writing submissions. Still, there’s that feeling of accomplishment when you don’t give up and you persevere.

Does blogging take away from my novel-writing time? Well, I’m glad you asked (yes, I’m a nut, I have conversations with myself, give me ONE writer who DOES NOT have conversations with themselves!). I think it enhances my novel-writing. Because sometimes I just don’t feel like writing my novel, but I still feel like writing. And blogging helps clear those darn cobwebs from my brain so that I can access the good stuff and use that for my novel.

Okay, maybe it does take away some of my time that I commit to writing. But you know what else I love about blogging? Especially blogging while working on other writing projects (i.e. poetry, short stories, novels, what else is there? Shameless self promotion on social media? And by that I mean reposting other people’s stuff that I find interesting…). I like that I don’t over-think things when I blog. I just write as I think, give it a quick once-over revision, add a few fancy flares (photos, links, tags, what-have-you). And then it’s done. Voila! No muss, no fuss, just take it as it is.

Sure, there are some posts that drive me nuts, and I go back and edit eight times. Ten times. Re-reading after I post and discovering that I’m missing a capital letter here. Or the formatting got all funked up there when I inserted the photo and then moved the photo. Or maybe it’s that last line that just doesn’t give the post closure. Or the title. I clearly need help with titles. When it comes to that, do I title my entry for search engine optimization? Or do I merely use my creative license and title as I see fit? Or try to blend the two? Short and sweet? As long as a flash fiction piece? Could my title stand alone as a poem? Yes, I’m getting carried away. But as much as these minor details drive me crazy, they are soooo minor compared to the stress of titling and editing longer pieces that you send out to some fancy schmancy editor who will then make you wait three months before they email you a generic reply that starts with “Sorry…” and ends with “Thank you anyways…” if you’re lucky enough to even get that amount of emotion from your rejection. And you save that rejection letter anyways, because, hey, at least you were brave enough to send it out and try.

And so, that is why I am uber excited (is it okay to say uber and write uber without the little dots above the u? Because I barely have time to write this post, let alone google how to type those little dots…) about NaBloPoMo!

Hooray for writing! Hooray for all my peeps who are as crazy as I am and are participating in this double challenge! Happy writing! And excessive coffee-drinking!happyme

Second disclaimer: Sadly, I am not “officially” part of NaBloPoMo since I’m not posting every single day…but that’s okay because I just learned about it anyways (insert smiley face with tongue sticking out).

Day 11: The Highs, the Lows, the Blehs of Writing.

Monday, Nov. 11

The highs. The lows. The blehs. Had a pretty good run over the weekend, but feeling a serious case of the Mondays. And it probably doesn’t help that it’s a holiday at that, so kids are home from school and determined to interrupt me each and every time I sit down to write. And so, I wrote the first three sentences (yea, I know, they’re shorties, but still!) Monday night, and am finishing it up Tuesday morning.

I felt like after I hit that 10,000 word mark that my story was just beginning to take off. In a really exciting way. I have introduced this fictional world that I created, put some people in it, and now am making them do stuff. And figuring out the trajectory of this story. What does this girl want? Who or what is standing in her way of getting it? And how do things just get more messed up along the way?

Maybe I’m really a mean person deep down inside, because I kind of like making my characters’ lives difficult. But it’s not personal! It’s just what you gotta do, right? Torture your characters? And then, when you run out of ways get them into all kinds of predicaments, you consider giving them a break at the end? Or not? You tangle them up in a web, and then just as they are about to run out of blood you break them free. And see how they’ve changed.

Maybe this isn’t the best blog post I’ve ever written. Maybe it’s not the best novel either. But during a month when everybody is posting blah blah blah I’m thankful for this and I’m thankful for that, (sound the trumpets) I am thankful to be writing, even if it’s crap (which I’m really hoping it’s not, insert emoji with teeth clenched).

Disclaimer: Okay, and I’m thankful for my kids, my husband, my family, my new MacBook Air, blah blah blah…health, paying job, car, blah blah blah.

So, back to NaNoWriMo…I made it to 14,280 words. I squeaked out a mere 563 words after the kiddos went to bed. It felt like so much more! In my exhaustion (and poor vision) I thought I had written over 2,000 words…but lo and behold, that was the character count (duh! And doh!). But I’m proud anyways, because it was something!

And now the week goes on. Kids are in school. Baby’s asleep. Coffee is hot and ready. And my blog post will be live soon. And then I write my novel. And then I blog about it. And then I write. Blog. Write. Blog. Write. Twitter. Facebook. Write. Blog. Write. Okay, you get the point. NanowrimoDay11