Aimee is a mother of three crazy kids, with a B.A. in Creative Writing from UCR. Finally able to be somewhat of a “stay at home” mom, she juggles diaper changes, soccer practices, dance lessons, cooking, writing, and sometimes she even manages to clean up a little around the house. Thankfully, her amazing mentor once told her to forget about the mess and just write, and so she does this. And her house is a mess. But she’s writing two novels, a poetry collection, short stories, and blogging. In her “free” time she also likes to draw with colored pencils.

The purpose of this blog is to record the various endeavors of this 31 year old gal, who is taking on challenges 30 days at a time in an effort towards self-improvement, or self-acceptance, or just a plain old good excuse to a) actually DO the stuff she talks about doing and b) write! So follow along and see what this momma/writer/nutball is up to while she changes the world (okay, maybe not the world, but hopefully herself at the very least).


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    1. Thanks Selena, I appreciate the positive feedback 🙂 It’s troubling that so many women (namely myself!) feel the need to wear makeup routinely in order to fit into some standard of beauty set by the media. The problem with completely giving up makeup is (for me) that I really enjoy it! I think my biggest challenge is allowing myself to enjoy wearing makeup without feeling like it is a necessity to look beautiful (or even presentable).

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