Day (insert ridiculous guess here): Yea, I failed.

Friday Feb. 28

Okay, who can even count HOW many days behind I am now (because aren’t writers supposed to hate math, or is that just me?) in my 30 day challenge to submit my @#$%? I was going to extend my deadline ten extra days to be nice to myself, but then where did those ten days go (thanks a lot “math”, wink wink, hey you know you blame math for a lot of your woes too)? Now it’s been, like, forever. And still no submissions.

<insert pouty face, really really unattractive pouty face, here>


Okay, that was just scary! Do I really look THAT bad when I’m depressed???

<insert slightly less visually-offensive pouty face here>


Better, right? Okay, so now what?

I won’t call it a TOTAL fail (see also: EPIC fail), since at least I was DOING something, but it’s still a big fat PARTIAL fail because I didn’t even come close to accomplishing my goal (submitting 10 poems to 10 contests and 2 short stories to 2 contest in 30 days nonetheless) and sort of just gave up. GASP! Yes, I know. It SEEMS like I gave up. <Sigh> What a depressing blog post!

With husband traveling and every (literally every) moment of my day filled with childcare duties and no breaks, I am lucky to be showered and looking half-decent as I pick up kids, drop off kids, cart kids to and fro, cook, bake, clean, wipe, and so the list goes on. And with hubby coming home this weekend, maybe just mayyyyybe I can sneak out to the office (aka Starbucks) to forget about the blog and the failure and just actually do what I need to do: read, revise and submit! Or hey, even just WRITING would be nice! You know, like I’m doing now, like I’m supposed to do EVERY DAY!

And so dear readers, don’t give up on me. Because what is worse than FAILING?

(say it with me class…)


That’s right, I read that somewhere. Which also proves that reading can give you superpowers. If you don’t see the connection, then you need to read more.

What’s next on the challenge list? Oh @#$%! You mean I have to do this AGAIN???

Yes! I have had so many ideas of what to do. The latest being waking up at 5 am every day to actually have the TIME to do all I need/want to do. But after experimenting with that (for one day) I decided I’m not quite ready to FAIL at that yet (and, to be fair, I still have a little one who actually does wake up THAT early and any time I’d wish to work solo would end up being mommy and baby time, which is great, but maybe not worth waking up super early to do since I can also have that time during more normal hours of the day).

So, what will it be? I’m torn between my guitar challenge and my art challenge. Both of which I’ve been REALLY wanting to do. Maybe I should ask myself which one I’m more realistically able to do? But honestly, anything right now seems like a stretch to find the time, BUT I will try. Even if it means <gulp> another FAILURE.


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