Day 18: Snails for inspiration (not for lunch).

Friday, Jan. 31

Okay, it’s been a whole week and I never even posted my entry from last Friday because I was in too much of a funk (update: I did FINALLY post the last entry). I’ve decided to just brush those poems aside for now because they were causing me to freeze up and not do anything, and I’d rather accomplish a smaller goal than nothing at all.

After dropping kids at school today, and coming home, I found a snail in my driveway. snailThis might not seem all that unusual, but it has hardly rained this season and now that we finally had some rain overnight, looks like this little guy (or gal) came out to play. And it reminded me of how important it is to keep writing. To keep working at it. That even snails get to where they need to go, just s-l-o-w-e-r. And that’s how I need to think of my writing. Maybe it won’t go as quickly as my counterparts who are able to dedicate their whole time and being and focus to writing (because basically, well, they have *NO kids!). But I will still get to where I want to be, just s-l-o-w-e-r, and so long as I stay dedicated. (A snail poem? Inspiration comes from everything around us!)snail 2

So, alas (I know, I know, stop using the word “alas”, it’s not olden times) here is my revised list of poems to submit:

1. The Weight of Books

2. Forgetting Rubidoux (I revised the title and I really like this one)

3. Becoming Furniture

4. How to Boil Water

5. Falling Off the Roof

6. A Thin Line

And short stories??? Well, let’s see if I can just get one submitted somewhere…<sigh> I am not a failure (my mantra today). I am not a failure. Slow and steady wins the race (damn these clichés are just ingrained into my brain!). Even snails get to where they are going…eventually. Dream big anyways. Right???

snail 3*Okay, okay, I’ll stop blaming the kids! I know, plenty of people have kids AND get their @#$% done.  But if you have kids, then you KNOW how hard it can be to balance, well, everything!

<And cue the kids to come running in asking for popcorn and movie time>

Good thing they’re cute (and I love them. A lot).

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