Day 9: More Poetry Revisions!

Tuesday, Jan. 21 Wednesday, Jan. 22

While I should celebrate the small successes (like revising a poem!), I feel very very skeptical about my ability to complete my goals this month <wahhhhh!!!!> and I just don’t know if I can do it!sad girl

I feel like I need more time, and not just time as in more days, but more time as in hours in the days. And I just am not putting the time in each day that will allow me to stand a chance at this. But what do I do? I’m not giving up! Hey, I pulled off NaNoWriMo, I can submit a few lousy poems (or ten ah-mazing ones!) to a few measly (or ten awesome) writing contests. Right??? <holding breath, waiting for the nods and grumbles of encouragement from my readers>

So…one poem down, nine to go. And to be honest, my one poem still does not feel “done”. But to be fair, does any poem EVER feel “done”???

So, goals goals goals. If I don’t write them out, I just won’t know where to start (or continue). Next poems on the list to revise: “Becoming Furniture” and “Boiling Point”. These two are about as “done” as it gets, but I have submitted them both to a few contests about a year ago and after being rejected I decided to let them sit for a little bit and then revisit them for some fresh love.

So, maybe if I do these two oldies, they will be easy <fingers crossed> even if easy doesn’t necessarily mean they will be accepted. I think part of what I REALLY need to do more of is READING the friggin’ publications to know if I even fit in (mental note: must plan a 30 day challenge to READ lit mags). God, I hate thinking about that question: Do I fit in??? Spent too much of childhood worrying about that to STILL have to worry about that as an adult. Geesh. But alas (and I really have no good answer why I am abusing “alas” by using it way too much in my blog) I KNOW that it only makes sense to submit your work to publications who are thematically similar to your (MY) writing style. Maybe not thematically, but technically, aesthetically, topically, etc…


When it comes to the titles for both of these, I feel good. I like the titles. I feel like they are interesting and fit the poems. I really don’t know if there are any changes to be made to “Becoming Furniture”. I made minor revisions after receiving the rejection notices about it. And I think it’s “done”. For now.

As far as “Boiling Point” goes, I also really revised the heck out of that not too long ago, so I think the only changes I would be interested in making are minor. As part of a previous revision, I divided the poem into four parts, and labelled them with numbers 1-4. Now, I like the way it separates the poem all neat and tidy, however, the numbers have little to no significance other than acting as dividers.

Here’s my idea I’m working on for this poem. I would like to make each section mean something with its title, so I was considering using terms for the stages of boiling. Now, I found great terms for various stages of boiling when it comes to making tea, and those terms refer to various sea creature eyes. Cool, right?

Of course I’m right! <rolling eyes> However, this doesn’t really fit with the theme of my poem, and to use these terms would basically mean writing an entirely new and different poem. So, the only other terms I found were poaching, simmering, and boiling. But I have four parts! And…two of these terms are already in the body of the poem. So, what do I do? Scrap the notion of changing these subtitles?

Bah! I will not! So, I found the different temperatures at which these changes occur, and am considering using these. However, the execution of this is not working out as fantastic as I’d hoped. Give up? No! Still, no! I just have to do a little tweaking, and possibly consult with my poet friend who was so kind and generous as to help with my poetry revisions (she’s currently an MFA student at UNM, so I am ever gracious for her help especially knowing how little free time she has to do such poetry exchanges with me!).

Okay, three poems down, seven to go! Slow but steady…(ugh, so cliche, I know).

Okay, my neurosis won’t allow me to end the post with a cliche. So, I’m going to take that damn cliche and make it “fresh”! Instead of slow but steady, I will go with…

one day at a time


slow goin’


hey, at least I’m tryin’



Making small progress in writing efforts is better than never trying at all sitting on my ass watching TV and not accomplishing a damn thing at all.

Okay, maybe a little sappy (began to read like a Chinese proverb or something), but that’s as good as it gets for now (work in progress), because I still have 7 more poems to revise, and 2 short stories. Boom! (Yea, I don’t know why the “boom”, I’m just trying to stay afloat at this point. And I’m out, before I continue on with more meaningless mindless banter that only I will find humorous.)



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