Prequel: Part Tres

Okay, okay, okay. I know what you’re thinking. How many “Prequels” can there be??? Well, as much as I was hoping to get a jump on my blogging and my challenges last week (gulp, yes it’s been a week already!), life just swept me away and so last week’s “Day One” post sat unfinished in my shiny little MacBook until I’ve revived it today. Hence the title change to “Part Tres” in lieu of “Day One”.MacBook Air

And so, lo and behold, my outdated post! That will serve as my last and final procrastination tool until I begin this current challenge…

Monday Jan. 6, 2014

I will begin this month’s challenge by foraging through the masses of unfinished poems (and short stories, though less so of them) and making a list of the ten poems I would like to submit (after giving them some new affection (even if that means cutting out their hearts and sewing them back on as eyes…woh…sorry, that got kind of dark!)).

And so, while my poems are not yet ready to meet the eyes of readers, I will bravely give you my list of their titles (though they may change in the process too!).

Poems to revise and submit (and I do reserve the right to change this as need be! Why am I shouting!?! I don’t know! Maybe I shout when I’m nervous?!?):

1. Thrift Shopping at the Salvation Army in Perris

2. Becoming Furniture

3. Boiling Point

4. Feeding the Rapist

5. Bile

6. Doll Parts

7. Amputation

8. The Weight of Books

9. Life’s Plan

10. Shudder

And the short list of short stories is as follows:

1. Wishes in a Paint Can

2. Period Girl

 So…just to be clear, TOMORROW is DAY ONE. No take-backs. No fingers crossed behind my back. No “Prequel: Part Quatro”, after all, I can’t count much higher in spanish (lies, lies, lies, okay, I CAN count higher, but I thought that was funny. Because, well, I’m corny (and stupid)). 

On DAY ONE I will research and find some upcoming contests that I can submit to while I revise, revise, revise (and cry, cry, cry that everything I’ve written is worthless and dull and bleh) until I can feel whatever minuscule amount of confidence and pride in my writing so that I can hold onto a smidgen of hope that one of my little darlings has found a home!


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