Submissions Challenge: Prequel Part Dos

Jan. 5, 2014

Well, I still have not done much of anything for my blog (except revise and post my entry from 3 weeks ago (hehe, blushing face)), but now that Christmas and New Year’s are behind us, I feel like there are no more excuses to put this off! Sure, my baby girl is turning ONE this week, and so I’m staying up late cutting out pennant banners from shabby chic scrapbook paper, and making tutus and hair bows and other crafty fun stuff like that.tutu cute

AND I did write a poem last week, so there was that! Not completely unproductive (cheesy smile). But still, there’s the blog. I mean, Yay! The blog!

And as much as I want to and have planned on learning that darn Mazzy Star song on guitar, my hands are just in bad shape with eczema, due to ???? God, don’t people WISH they knew what the bleep caused their itchies to itch so bad?!? (And yes, yes they do, according to kajillions of blogs and forums out there with people suffering from similar unexplained cases of eczema(how DO you say eczema?)/atopic dermatitis/dishydrosis.)

My personal theory is that my skin was worn down by overuse of antibacterial hand sanitizer when I went through my germaphobe phases from the first two kids, and definitely have noticed that baby wipes infuriate my hands (any and all brands it seems, no matter how “natural” or “hypo-allergenic” or “sensitive” they claim to be), and so I’ve finally quit the baby wipes and opted to use a squirt bottle of water and some good old paper towels in lieu of the more convenient pre-packaged baby wipes. And so, while completely off topic, that is how I’m trying to heal my hands and also spend less money and be more natural in this 3rd time baby adventure!

So, back to writing…

My goal (as unexciting for you as I imagine it to be) is to revise AND submit 10 poems and 2 short stories…and maybe I’m crazy, but I want to send them out to 10 poetry contests and 2 short story contests. THAT is my goal for the next 30 days. If this adventure (if you can call it that, I mean, I certainly do, but that’s me) doesn’t entice you to read and follow along, rest assured that I WILL play that damn guitar and I WILL make that mixed media masterpiece (or hodge podge, wink wink) down the road.

So…now to rummage through the messes and find 10 poems worthy of revision and submission, and 2 short stories I can bring to greater life with the power of (ugh) revision! I mean, Yay! Revision!

Tomorrow is DAY ONE…today is just Sunday.


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