Day 27: Don’t Think, Just Write (and Raise the Roof!).

Wednesday, Nov. 27

42,626…that means only 7,374 more words to go! But, tomorrow is a holiday. Friday is a writing day. Saturday is the last day of this challenge (and I’m supposed to take the kiddos on the Santa Train! Why did I buy those damn tickets on the last day of NaNoWriMo? Didn’t I anticipate my procrastination would lead me to NEED that WHOLE day to finish?!?).

But I am making progress. I mean, if you consider word count progress. I don’t know about the quality of those words…but apparently I’m not supposed to think (or is it over-think?) about what I’m writing. I’m just supposed to do it. You know, write.

I just want to cry…wahhhhh! What are my characters supposed to do NOW? I already killed one (oops! Delayed spoiler alert!). Now what? I guess I have to decide if my protag will accomplish her goal. But what was her goal? Is it bad if I forgot? JK. Or not. Don’t judge. Hey, at least I’m writing!

And while I’m not blogging as often here at the end, I’m seeking solace in Starbucks. Table stalking people until they leave so I can have a table all to myself. Where I can glue my butt to the chair and force myself to write because there is no one here that needs me to change their diaper, feed them, resolve disputes over who hit who first, and no laundry anywhere in sight. Huzzah! (I say this because I’m a little delirious and that’s what they told us to say at the Princess theater in Disneyland when we saw a short musical rendition of Beauty and the Beast. Don’t ask me why I felt it was appropriate to use here. I have no other excuse.)

Okay, this should count as a blog post. So now, back to writing. Only 7,374 more words to go (did I mention that already?). Not that I’m counting, or updating my word count obsessively to the NaNo site. Who, me? Oh. You saw me do it? Okay. Well, you win. I’m obsessively updating my word count to track my progress! And while we’re talking (writing) word count, can I apply my blog posts to that word count?

No? Shit (sorry Mom, you know I can’t help myself sometimes).

Then I’m definitely done blogging for today! Back to work (and by that I mean writing really crappy dialogue and avoiding my character’s real dilemmas).

Update: I persisted. I wrote. I reached 44,384. I brought all (okay, the majority) of conflicting characters together to hash it out. And now, it’s quitting time. Huzzah! (And yes, I do realize that I’m a dork. Thank you.) By the way, this means that now I only have 5,616 words left to write. I. Can. Do. This. I mean, look, my word count is finally touching the little line it’s supposed to be at! Woo hoo (raising the roof with hands, because, yes, that’s what dorks like me do when we’re excited)!day 27


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