Day 21: Word Vomit.

Thursday, Nov. 21

I shouldn’t even be blogging because I am so behind on writing. Yes, my high from vomiting out over 3,000 words the other day is now followed by a low point of missing an entire day of writing and the realization that there are only 9 days left to meet my goal of 50,000 words. All the “I can do it”s are feeling cheap and inauthentic.

I can’t do it.

No matter how hard I try to fit in my writing, it just seems like there are other things that need to be done. And none of them are even getting done. Just a little bit of everything, which leaves me feeling like I don’t complete anything! Argghhh (and no, not the pirate kind of argh, the foaming at the mouth, rabid dog, frustrated writer kind of argh).

So maybe I’ll keep this post short and sweet (or short and crappy aka half-ass). I’m tired. I need to write. But I also need sanity. Which means from time to time (which means once in a blue moon) I need to just stop and do nothing. Just. Do. Nothing. Or sleep. Yea, sleep is good too.

Sometimes when you try to do too much, what you really need to do is just stop. Just. Stop. And take a break.

PS: I did manage to word-vomit 2,719 words today, which is not unimpressive. However, it’s not quite halfway there yet. And sometimes I’m afraid to write because I just don’t know what to say and I wonder if any of it (ANY of it) is any good at all. But then I think, that’s what revision is for. And I try to just push through and force something to happen. And then the next time I write I wonder, now what? And then? And finally, that is all.

day 21


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