Day 14: Oh Poop! Halfway Through NaNoWriMo…

Thursday, Nov. 14

And then, all of a sudden, NaNoWriMo is halfway over! Oh @#$%!

I made better progress yesterday, upping my word count to 16,304 by adding 2,024 words in one day. Yes, one day. Now if only I can make that happen EVERY day, I will be set! Trophy in hand (metaphorically).

But instead of working on my novel, I’m blogging about working (or not working) on my novel. And while yes, I do LOVE blogging, I feel torn at times about what to focus on. But rather than decide, I just stretch myself like Stretch Armstrong (come on, you know who I’m talking about) and try to do it all. Is this a blessing or a curse? I sometimes think if I could just focus on ONE thing, I would totally rock at it, and be the best most amazing person at that ONE thing.

But who really does that? And by focusing on only ONE thing, what would I be losing? Well, besides custody of my children because well, kids need attention. Lots and lots. And then there’s me. I need to give myself attention too. And not the fun kind like that which writing provides, but the general maintenance kind. As in showering, eating, sleeping, pooping. Wait, no. I never poop. Seriously. I’m a girl. Girls don’t do that.

Okay, maybe I had my little brother fooled into believing that until age (way too old to still believe that). And yes, I probably shouldn’t mention it because now you all have a gross mental picture of me pooping. But, truth is, I’m a mom. And so much of my life does revolve around poop and therefore conversations about poop. Usually not my own, no I’m way too proper and mature for that (wink wink), but the baby’s!

And now, inadvertently, this blog post will be tagged with “poop”. What is wrong with me?

Oh yea, I’m a mom. And a writer. So I’m in double trouble in the weird zone (no offense to fellow moms and/or writers).

So what the Hell was I even writing about before I got side-tracked with poop? Oh yea, multi-tasking. And focusing. Ha ha. Yea, I guess maybe I should learn to focus more on individual tasks. And then I could check them off my to-do list (yes I have one of those, or actually many of those, buried under the mess on my desk somewhere).messy desk

Which brings me to another point: should I clean my desk? What? You agree that I don’t have time for that? Okay good. I’ll just keep writing then. And I know that since I muscled out 2,000+ words yesterday, I can totally do it today! I can do it. I can do it. Okay, pep talk over. Mirror put away.

And so, with NaNoWriMo nearly half-way over, I have definitely gotten loopier and more desperate for writing time and more delirious from the pressure to keep writing, and by that I mean forcing my characters to do stuff even when they just want to go to bed (and by “they” I mean “I”).

But never fear! I will win this thing! This @#$%^& novel will be completed by midnight of November 30. Oh you just wait and see. Because, really, that’s all you can do. I’m the one who has to keep doing the heavy lifting (and by that I mean obsessive compulsive typing).


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