Day 9: Suck It, Writer’s Block!

Saturday, Nov. 9

I doubled my word count today! Woo hoo! 10,661. Suck it, writer’s block! (Sorry, but it’s quite exciting to get in a good writing sesh like that.) Ah! Invigorating! (Yes, I’m corny. Yes, I’m weird. Yes, you may not (most likely) find me nearly as humorous as I find myself.)


And so, the tale of my novel begins. I mean, really begins. Because, well, I haven’t really felt the whole thing flowing until now. Now, I have so many questions for myself. What will happen to Billie and Annie? How can I torture these two friends? And do I let the bad guy win or do I punish him? Do the parents get hurt? (Spoiler alert, they do! Sorry Mom and Dad, no offense. This is fiction, remember?)

As daunting as the task of writing can seem (task, mission, unrelenting need), once you discover characters, you can start imagining their world. And that’s when the magic happens. Disclaimer: I am in no way saying that my story is even good yet. I still stand by it feeling like it’s all word vomit and amateur and bleh. However, it’s going places. And I’ve come to accept (kicking and screaming) that nobody writes a perfect first draft and it’s totes okay to hate it. And it’s also okay to hate that I wrote ‘totes’…because I feel questionable myself about using it. But that makes me even more compelled to do it.

I still have so far to go. So far. But at least my word count is in the double digits. Whew. And I still have a ways to go in figuring out what the point of this story even is (should I have it figured out by now? Probably.). But I think my subconscious is helping me out. To think: all this time of looking for a muse, when maybe one is lurking in my own brain. Woh. Sh*t just got weird. All third dimension and stuff.

It’s days like today that empower me to keep going. That make me feel like the little blue engine. I think I can I think I can…I know I can I know I can.

I feel excited to discover where this story goes. It’s like watching a movie in your imagination. You just look in your head, and see it play out, and then it’s your job as the chosen one (the one with the gift, the writer) to transcribe these scenes and edit as needed to make sense of it all. So I’m sure (quite so) that all good creative worlds began as such ideas that need to be SO thought out to the point of making sense to people outside of the creator’s head. Yea, I know. that was a total run-on. Don’t judge.

And so, good people, I bid you adou (?), and farewell, and alfviedersein (?), goodnight (I’m going for a Sound of Music vibe, but my spelling is killing it). I’m off to push my luck and see if I can add even more to that word count before the day is officially over (which for me isn’t technically until sunrise, just FYI).


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