Day 8: To Hell with Excuses.

Friday, Nov. 8

Well, I’m writing, so that’s an improvement on earlier this week. I’ve squeaked out 1,123 words today, bringing my grand total to 6,471. Which means that I only need to write 1,893 words every day this month to meet my target goal of 50,000 words. Whew. I can do  this.

There are so many things trying to get in the way of this goal. But I say, to Hell with excuses. I will beat this challenge even if it feels like I’m literally beating the words and sentences out of my head with a giant club. Even if it feels like what I’m writing is stupid, irrelevant, uninteresting, and predictable.

I am trying to just keep going. I’m marathoning. I’m word vomiting. I’m writing.

And even if the writing sucks, it’s still wayyyyy better than NOT writing at all. So there! (Sticking tongue out, at myself?)

It’s Friday, and I can use the weekend to my advantage and just write every second I can manage. I mean, on one hand it’s hard because the kids are home all weekend (make that aaaahhhhhlllllllll weekend). But at least the hubs is home to wrangle them (and by that I mean play Call of Duty with our son while our daughter whines about nobody playing with her and the baby nurses the life out of me while I sit at the computer typing away, pushing everything out of her reach while she tries to grab my laptop plug and destroy my BFF because she inherently knows that my new laptop is taking attention away from her).

So…there will be dishes to be done. There will be meals that need to be prepared. There will be laundry to be ignored. And so is life. At least I will beat this thing. Beat this damn novel out of me even if it kills me. Hopefully it won’t, but if it does, then maybe I will be famous, because aren’t writers and artists always getting a break once they die?

Okay, I’ll try not to die in my efforts to write this novel. However, I mayyyyy need to kill a character. Doesn’t that sound fun? I’m not sadistic or anything (am I?), but isn’t it fun to be the ruler of the world? To be the master of the universe (at least as far as the world of your novel goes). I can and will put my characters though Hell, make them try and fail, and keep throwing sticks at them (okay, figurative sticks, get it? Come on, didn’t you learn the analogy of putting your character up a tree then throwing sticks at him or her?)

Okay, okay. I gotta go. This is all the time the universe will allow me at present. But I’m not giving up! Just know that! I’m not giving up!


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