Day 6: I Should be Novelling…

Wednesday, Nov. 6

I need to get that word count up. But more important than word count, is story. I need need need a good story. And I haven’t given myself the time to discover that yet. And now, instead of trying to write my novel, I am blogging about how I need to write. Anyone else see the problem here?

So why is it easier to blog than to novel (I’m making that a verb for your information)? Maybe it’s the kids who keep asking me questions like “how much is 999 plus a thousand???” “10 plus 10 equals how much, a thousand?” “which comes first, N or L?” And I’m over here typing, like “yea” “no” “I don’t know” “why are you asking me so many questions?” and finally “I’m not listening to you, I’m working” (ouch, I know, mom of the year, insert emoji with hands over eyes here).


And I can’t even blame my lack of productivity on my role as a mom because my husband has been stepping up and taking the kids to soccer for me, picking up ready-made food for dinner (okay okay, fast food, but I hate the word fast-food, makes me cringe…fast food makes me think of McDonald’s and ever since I read about the ingredients of chicken nuggets I can’t do McDonalds. I just can’t). And yes, I’ve been sick, and yes, I’m trying to WILL myself better.

I’m not a huge fan of taking unnecessary medicine, I’m breastfeeding so I can’t take many kinds of medicine, and I have no health insurance so I don’t feel like spending a hundred bucks on a doctor appointment that will only confirm what I already know: I’m sick!

But yes, I NEED to rest. I NEED to eat. I NEED to do so many things, and being SICK is just getting in the way. And it’s November, so I HAVE to write (hello? NaNoWriMo!), and I have to plan out my Christmas shopping (3 kids=I need to be extra savvy to sales, coupons, and layaway). And then there’s those poetry revisions my friend gave back to me that I need to look at and revise. And then there’s those poems she sent me that I need to read and make notes on. And then, and then, and then…NO AND THEN (come on, anyone seen “Dude, Where’s My Car?”)!

And so, that is a rundown of how NaNoWriMo is (not) going. But it’s only week one. And I don’t quit! I just have to make a breakthrough and once that plot reveals itself I will be unstoppable! Mwah ha ha ha ha ha. Yes, I’m delirious. No, have not had nearly enough coffee to produce the results I’m looking for.


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