Day 4: I’ll Catch Up…

Monday, Nov. 4

So I had gotten off to a decent start, word-count wise, but now that’s lost momentum. I still feel anxious about where this story is going and when it’s going to take off. I wish it already had, but part of the fun is seeing where you can end up after a few interesting turns. (And I did start out with a trash can in the first line of my NaNoWriMo adventure, just for the hell of it.)

And now, when I should be writing, I’ve gotten distracted by running upstairs to get a notebook, because (shame on me) I didn’t get one out to outline or word-vomit the crap from my head and so maybe my beginning wasn’t all that great.

And now I have to go drink hot cocoa and eat popcorn and watch something I probably don’t really want to watch from Netflix so that my little sweet girl can have some special mommy time while daddy and her brother are out together.

I’ll catch up. I’ll catch up.


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