Day 20: Thank You, HD TV

Monday, Sept. 30

An ode to HD TV…

Thank you HD TV for giving us a clearer view of what people really look like. And by real people, I mean actors. People (who are real) who are made up to look perfect. Flawless. Layers of makeup applied. Airbrushed. But even with all that camouflage, HD TV shows us things we never saw before. Things we (real people, normal people) weren’t privy to before.


Actors have freckles! Yes! Freckles! There is no magic remedy to make them disappear (no matter how many times you rub that lemon on your nose, Jan (from The Brady Bunch, come on…no one else remembers that episode???)). And you shouldn’t have to! They are beautiful (well, unless they become cancerous, do freckles become cancerous? I’m not sure, I’m not a doctor nor do I play one on TV).

Actors have roots! Yes, they color their hair. And then their natural color grows in. Sometimes it’s even…grey! And guess what else? They have wrinkles. Like, real wrinkles.

And the more clearly we see these people (yes, actors are real people!), the more we can see that they are real. Normal. Flawed, even. But the term “flawed” makes me cringe, because even though we are all “flawed”, we shouldn’t think of it that way. The point (one of many) that I’m trying to work through (through this cruel and self-inflicted challenge of not wearing makeup for 30 days) is that it’s not a flaw to be who we are. It’s not a sin to be imperfect. That, really, truly, there is no such thing as flawless and perfect.

There is makeup. There is Photoshop. But that’s because it’s normal (and expected) to have blemishes, marks, unevenness, etc. And instead of hiding it all (like I’ve been doing for…yikes! fifteen or sixteen years!) we should all take a lesson from HD TV and embrace those marvelous little details that make us individuals. That make us all different from one another, and also make us so much alike!

So, hooray for HD TV! Thank you thank you thank you! Woo hoo! And Hallelujah! (And thank GOD I’m not the one being zoomed in on and illuminated on a 55” flatscreen)

There’s hope for us (me) yet…as in, maybe one of these days we (I) will accept that we all look beautiful (ugly) in our own ways. And the devil truly is in the details (wherever did that cliché come from originally? I know, I know, google it Aimee!), because it’s those damn details that drive me nuts and it’s also those details that I am obsessed with and in love with because, well, I don’t know why. I just am. And that is NOT a flaw. It is merely another freckle on my personality.


2 thoughts on “Day 20: Thank You, HD TV

  1. I’m with you! HDTV is a great equalizer. The advent of photoshop has made many believe that the people we see on TV and in magazines ACTUALLY look like that. Some(the younger set) may not know that they really look like everyone else, freckles and all.
    Fun post and definitely a good topic to think on.

    1. Thanks Nina 🙂 It definitely is helpful to see all the details on HD TV, that print ads cover up. While I appreciate their artistic license to do so, it can be very misleading and even dangerous to women and young girls to think that is what we are supposed to look like, or that it’s even POSSIBLE to look “flawless”. Glad you enjoyed the read!

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