Day 6: No More Apologies

Makeup brush.

Monday, Sept 16

Today went by so quickly I hardly had time to think about makeup. Although, I do admit to still feeling embarrassed at being seen with such a naked face! I’ve been trying to hide it from everyone, I think.

My sister-in-law visited from out-of-state, only for a day, and although I was super excited to see her, I felt bummed too. Of all random times to pop in for a hello, she comes during the short (okay 30 days is feeling long, but I’m trying to be optimistic here by calling it short) stretch of time that I’m not wearing makeup. And I only see her maybe twice a year, so when I do I want her to see the “best” me, you know?

And so, I did my usual uneccessary apology/excuse for looking horrible. She said I looked fine! That I just looked like…me! Yes, how weird. That other people know what I look like, are used to what I look like, accept what I look like, and act confused as to why I don’t know, like, or accept what I look like (and yes, that was a lot of likes up in here but I’m not going to apologize because I’ve been doing way too much of that!).

So, I survived the family run-in. She is back on a plane and I don’t have to worry about impressing her again until Christmas break. And really, I don’t have to worry about impressing her (period) because now that she’s seen me (at my worst…or close to it), I think anything will be an improvement!

But, alas, woe (sorry, I’m just a sappy poet at heart), my day had not yet ended and there were more experiences to be had! I picked up the kids from school. On foot. As in, I got out of my car and walked to the gate to wait for them to be released. This is what I usually do. Every day. So, why am I mentioning it?

Well, let’s just say that, though I make a point to park and walk and greet them when they come out, I had been kinda sorta just staying in my car and picking them up curbside for the last week (insert blushing face here). It was really hot, okay? And humid. And then there’s the baby. I didn’t want to take the baby out in the heat. Yeah, the baby. It was all about her (wink wink).

Okay, maybe that’s what I said. But when another mom remarked, “Hey! I haven’t seen you lately!” and I replied, “Yeah, I picked them up in the car all last week,” I realized that I may have (subconsciously or not so subconsciously) avoided some of the usual personal interactions which would expose me and my shenanigans. You know, the whole no makeup thing? For “fun”? Ha! Look! I’m having so much fun!

I realize I can let people see me looking like this. No makeup. Exposed. Real. Normal? No one really cares. Maybe they don’t even notice. I know that I don’t have to make excuses for how I look and I really need to stop this whole apologizing over my appearance B.S., it’s so…uneccessary!


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