Day 1: No Makeup

Wednesday, Sept 11

Okay, I finally did it. To be honest, it was a little bit by accident. I got up and washed my face, then went downstairs to do the whole breakfast thing with the kids, and after we ate it hit me: go upstairs and do makeup real quick before I take them to school. But then I remembered, oh yea, I’m trying to go makeup free for a month. And I was going to start two days ago. I guess I will start today.

And so, I bravely (and somewhat forgetfully) took the kids to school with…dun dun dun (dramatic drumroll please)…no makeup! I did it! I did it! Kind of forgetting, while talking to other moms, that I looked, well in my opinion, horrendous!

But, don’t fear, no one made any mean comments like back in the days of high school. When, had I showed up with no makeup, I would get the inevitable questions like, “Are you sick? Are you feeling okay? What’s wrong?” To which I would answer, “No, I just didn’t wear makeup today (you jackass).”

So, following the school drop-off, my neighbor came over for coffee. Yay! I thought. Some mommy chit chat (insert smiley face). We sat in my living room talking and drinking yummy coffee, when it dawned on me…oh God, I’m not wearing makeup. She must think I look disgusting. A wave of embarrassment ran through my body. So what did I do?

I confessed. I felt the need to apologize for my lack of put-together-ness. Sure, I was wearing clothes (not pajamas, not even sweats!), but still…I felt naked without my security blanket of foundation and blush and mascara. She scoffed that it was no big deal, and that she rarely got makeup on in time for taking her son to school. But then I filled her in on my purpose in not wearing makeup. How, usually it is the first thing I do. Every morning. How I don’t like to go downstairs until I have my “face” on.

And how this next thirty days was going to be a challenge, but one I hoped would help me see myself more clearly by the end of it. She applauded my self-inflicted challenge, and told me what I’m sure she thought I wanted to hear (and what we all really do), that I looked beautiful with no makeup and that I shouldn’t feel that I NEED to wear it every day.

I didn’t do this to invite flattery, though who could argue that it doesn’t feel good to be told we look pretty? Even if it does make you feel a little uncomfortable at the thought of someone giving you shameless compliments that you really don’t believe. My goal is to be able to BELIEVE that by the end of this month-long experiment.

And so, the journey begins today.

P.S. My friend also mentioned that skin needs to breathe and if you wear makeup everyday it’s not good for your skin. That seems to make sense, right?


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